Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.

Andy Rooney

Trading Places

To be like water over rocks, to move and produce naturally, to surrender to what makes you feel good.

Is there anything better than flow, that state of effortless productivity?

Don’t waste your time practicing an inherent weakness. The farthest you’ll ever get is mediocrity. Let other people excel in that thing.

Instead, embrace your strengths and outsource the rest. You don’t need to try harder, you need to try smarter.

Every man lives by exchanging. – Adam Smith

The Pear

Ripe pears are the tastiest.  But maximizing the soft juice is all about timing, preparation, and luck. 

Our guts are good estimators.  We know that by experience a solid pear may take 3 days to be soft enough to eat.  What we can’t prepare for is life’s obstacles.  

We easily forget about the pear unless we make a deliberate attempt to eat it at the right time.  

The ripe pear is no different than the rise of opportunities that strike in life.  We all have plans to invest, to create a business, to write a book, to do something remarkable.   We start these activities (buy the pear) but we rarely follow up and execute (eat the pear) at the right time.  

If we plan accordingly and use our guts, life is ripe for opportunity.      

Maximize the ripest of moments.  That’s where the work gets noticed and household names get made.  

Cyclops Pear

Don’t be late.