The great escape

Peeking at life, three inches from the screen. It’s the possibility that it may show us something captivating that keeps our eyeballs alive. Even with robotic intervention, we’re glued to that rectangular glow. There’s enough variety in the repetition to keep us hooked. But what happens when we willfully want to get away? We struggle […]


We have reached peak screen

The smartphone hypnotizes us into screen glaring addicts. We have zero control of our attention and it makes us feel like we’re losing our mind. Writes Farhad Manjoo in his piece We Have Reached Peek Screen: Screens are insatiable. At a cognitive level, they are voracious vampires for your attention, and as soon as you […]

Stay connected while showering

This shower curtain with tablet and smartphone pockets allow you to shower and stare at your screen at the same time. Watch, play with or listen to your phone or tablet in the shower. 100% waterproof. Even use your camera. Features multiple phone and tablet sized pockets on outside to hold your device. Different height levels […]

Ludic loop

In his blog post on breaking phone addiction, Erik Barker uses a quote from NYU marketing and psychology professor Adam Antler to explain why we keep checking our phones again and again. The process is called a “ludic loop.” The “ludic loop” is this idea that when you’re engaged in an addictive experience, like playing slot machines, you […]

The irony in promoting internet abstinence

The people who argue to resist the internet are its biggest culprits, myself included. How can something so good become so addictive and bad? Says the author of Irresistible Adam Alter, who openly admits his own email obsession: “We’re biologically prone to getting hooked on these sorts of experiences. If you put someone in front […]

Throw Instagram into the Ocean

My friend Carter Moore deleted his Instagram account. “I never really considered the long-term impact and influence it had on my life…” I would do the same and delete my account once and for all but I’ve come up with an alternative solution that allows you to keep the account but level out the addiction. […]

The Self-Reflecting Pool

The enforced solitude is at odds with where we are as a culture. Our gyms are full of televisions tuned to SportsCenter and cable news. We’re tethered to our devices, even at bedtime. With that pervasive lack of self-control, who has the willpower to turn off technology for any meaningful period of time? I submit: […]

Step Away From the Phone!

“I don’t want to sleep next to something that is a charged ball of information with photos and e-mails. It definitely is a head-clearer and delineates daytime and sleep time.” It looks like temporary digital detox is the new game. We can’t always be on, or can we? I need to try the “phone-stack game” […]

We need separate devices

It used to be that we kept our devices separate, our MP3 player from our phone along with our books, cameras, and notepads. Today, the phone has officially swallowed these things into one. And the quality is just as good if not better than the separate products by themselves. For example, the camera on the […]

Tunnel Vision

Losing cell reception in the Grand Central tunnel is liberating. One can dive into their own thoughts for about seven minutes without being interrupted by a push messages, SMS, or calls. Yet there’s always a few passengers though poking their browser’s refresh button trying to force a single bar of reception. Internet connectivity is like […]

Is Your iPhone Turning You Into a Wimp?

Americans spend an average of 58 minutes per day on their smartphones, according to a recent report from Experian Marketing Services. Talking accounts for only 26 percent of that time. The other 73 percent is devoted to texting, e-mail, social networking, and web-surfing – in other words, activities spent hunched over a little screen. (Usage varies […]