Grounded by the glare

Collecting the world, not by understanding it but by feeding on the latest stimulus. Smartphones have engineered a collective immunity against boredom. Play, relaxation, and exploration all take turns scratching on the glass. We are always on and perpetually entertained. The phone never shuts up—the text neck is infectious. It’s not our fault that we […]

The great escape

Peeking at life, three inches from the screen. It’s the possibility that it may show us something captivating that keeps our eyeballs alive. Even with robotic intervention, we’re glued to that rectangular glow. There’s enough variety in the repetition to keep us hooked. But what happens when we willfully want to get away? We struggle […]

Stay connected while showering

This shower curtain with tablet and smartphone pockets allow you to shower and stare at your screen at the same time. Watch, play with or listen to your phone or tablet in the shower. 100% waterproof. Even use your camera. Features multiple phone and tablet sized pockets on outside to hold your device. Different height levels […]

Ludic loop

In his blog post on breaking phone addiction, Erik Barker uses a quote from NYU marketing and psychology professor Adam Antler to explain why we keep checking our phones again and again. The process is called a “ludic loop.” The “ludic loop” is this idea that when you’re engaged in an addictive experience, like playing slot machines, you […]