Consuming valueless info

The tabloids will always outsell good books because people like valueless info.  Instead of chasing the interesting, our eyeballs fall into the hands of attention merchants who monetize our dopamine-obsessed heads with precision drone strikes. We sell our souls to click on ads.  The outcome of a Brave New World is short-attention spans and foolish […]

There’s never been a better time to work in advertising

Technology has created a space that, ironically, has made us more human. Online we see more, know more, have more friends, like more things and know more about what’s going on in more places around the world. Technology has meant that the truth is readily available to anyone who might care to find it. So […]

Instagram’s $720 Million Print Button

In his view, printing alone—of items such as canvases, postcards, or photo books—would be a massive business, even if it were outsourced to companies like CanvasPop or Shutterfly. If Instagram introduced a print button in its app, Salamunovic estimates that even if the service saw only a 1% conversation rate, with an average monthly transaction […]

Advertising and the End of Instagram’s Sincerity

People connect to Instagram and its content, and love it because, as Paul Ford put it, it is sincere. But there’s nothing less sincere than an ad. Yet despite the insincerity and our complaints we’ll still use the app, like we do Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube which have had add for years. We can get […]

Instagram Pictures Itself Making Money

What might paid Instagram ads look like? Ms. White’s team is looking at the possibilities around the app’s Discover feature, which promotes popular content, as well the search function, which allows users to look up images or themes. Ms. White said some retailers also are interested in ad products that will allow users to click […]

Facebook’s Advertising Is Starting To Spiral Out Of Control

Facebook is going to start losing market share to sites that don’t treat their userbase like they’re products to be bought and sold. And for real this time. There’s plenty of other ways to communicate online. Don’t make me use Google+.