Google Plus You Equals $$$$

You’re just logged into some bullshit while browsing the Internet. This next part, however: “… and gives Google that common understanding of who you are.” Now we’re chewing on something a bit meatier—as in, an admission from Google Inc. that Plus mostly exists to gives the company a better “understanding” of you. The G+ network […]


There’s always dissidence between what people say and what they actually do. People said they’d leave Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram after they introduced ads. Usage on all 3 platforms grew. After the Broncos lost the Super Bowl, some Broncos fans proclaimed that they’d never watch their team play again. After a week of sorrow, Broncos […]

There’s never been a better time to work in advertising

Technology has created a space that, ironically, has made us more human. Online we see more, know more, have more friends, like more things and know more about what’s going on in more places around the world. Technology has meant that the truth is readily available to anyone who might care to find it. So […]

The Agony of Instagram

It is as if every last image is designed to call to mind Norman Mailer’s book title, “Advertisements for Myself.” Envy, of course, doesn’t operate in a social vacuum. It needs an object of desire. And everyone, it seems, has that friend on Instagram: the one with the perfect clothes and the perfect hair and […]