Time to get out of the message business

Memory actually works through the creation of connections.  A brand is simply a set of connections and associations in the brain. We form and access memories of brands by creating and activating these networks of associations. So people don’t consume and file away abstract ideas and propositions. They consume (as Robert Heath has shown, they […]

This Is What Instagram Ads Look Like | TechCrunch

The classic ad shops on Madison Avenue are still too married to the idea of old media — television screens, newspapers and magazines. Mobile screens and the diverse set of social interactions means a new kind of thinking about ads on social  media platforms like Instagram. The best ads are those you can’t see but […]

Instagram’s $720 Million Print Button

In his view, printing alone—of items such as canvases, postcards, or photo books—would be a massive business, even if it were outsourced to companies like CanvasPop or Shutterfly. If Instagram introduced a print button in its app, Salamunovic estimates that even if the service saw only a 1% conversation rate, with an average monthly transaction […]

“Purple Cow”

All luggage looks the same at baggage claim. How many times are people going to pick up something that’s not theirs? Don’t get your bag confused with everybody else’s. Personalize it with some flair or unique colors and make it stand out from the pack. When you think different, you become more easily identifiable. No […]

Why cards are the future of the web

It’s already clear that product and interaction designers will heavily use cards. I think the same is true for marketers and creatives in advertising. As social media continues to rise, and continues to fragment into many services, taking up more and more of our time, marketing dollars will inevitably follow. The consistent thread through these […]

Instagram Pictures Itself Making Money

What might paid Instagram ads look like? Ms. White’s team is looking at the possibilities around the app’s Discover feature, which promotes popular content, as well the search function, which allows users to look up images or themes. Ms. White said some retailers also are interested in ad products that will allow users to click […]

What Was, Is and Will Be Popular

New York Times culture editor Adam Sternbergh explains the conundrum of popularity in today’s high speed, viral world.   If something is popular, it can’t also be good. What’s to say something is actually popular, something that sells or streams, or both?  Just because something is popular today, doesn’t mean it’ll still be popular tomorrow. […]