The Shrink & The Sage: What is the benefit of doubt?

Whatever the conclusion, the real benefit of the doubt is that it enables you to see all sides of an issue. Hence the origin of the word in the Latin duo, two. The doubter is in at least two minds. Whether or not she ends up following only one, she should be able to appreciate better the strengths and weaknesses of the others.

Rise above sidedness.

Vulnerable Minds

If you believe whatever you’re told, soon enough you’ll discover the real truth.

Everybody has a different background and experience. The most you should do is listen to what people have to say and practice some of those tenets to see if they hold true for you too.

Advice is too fragile, as our are minds. The older we get the wiser we get, ostensibly. Premise your own advice with this: “shit worked when I did it but it might not work for you.”

Good luck.


  • Never outsource your chance to think.
  • Never fast track to success without first mastering the fundamentals.
  • Never pursue a popular career unless it really excites you.
  • Never ignore your own natural talents.
  • Never favor over analysis against your gut. Never run from opportunity in disguise.
  • Never hold back a curious question or be afraid to offer valuable insight. 


  • Never stand near a line you’re not meant to be in. 
  • Never occupy the middle of a room without being aware of both sides.

Do what you do over, and over, and over again, day in and day out, month after month, year after year — until it’s automatic.

Susannah Breslin

To which I add, any success becomes routine after enough practice.