Paintings by Congolese artist Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga

“I’m inspired to see different worlds coming together; people living in chaos but partying. It’s like the beauty of a painting that at the same time represents such a harsh reality.” — Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga, ‘Fragile Responsibility’ Advertisements


Western record hunters race to the past

Reader in Music and Media at the University of Gloucestershire and author of PJ Harvey and Music Video Performance Abigail Gardner, writes an interesting take in Quartz on the recent trend of collecting and reissuing African music. Are Western crate diggers the new colonists? John Peel liked the freshness of The Bhundu Boys, they were contemporary. He didn’t live […]

The True Size of Africa

Africa is a massive continent. But for whatever reason, map makers make it appear smaller than its “true true” size. As Polish-American scientist Alfred Korzybski reminds us, “the map is not the territory.” Lines are ultimately arbitrary. Map design is deceptive. But computer-graphics designer Ka Kraise took it upon himself to ‘fight against rampant immappancy,’ in […]

Pascal Maitre’s African journey

Photojournalist Pascal Maitre has been capturing Africa for over 30 years. But “each story is like new,” he said an interview with The New York Times, “You must find a new solution, a new piece to make the story.” Photographers are first-class noticers. They wait for something to happen. Said Maitre: “The most difficult part […]

Kenya Launches Bid To Be First African Olympic Host In 2024

If Cape Town didn’t get it in 2004, I’m highly suspect that Kenya will get selected, even if the event is 14 years away.    But the bid demonstrates Africa’s new spirt and audacity.  While everyone is talking about the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China), we’re about to see a new Africa emerge that […]