Are computers alive?

Melding minds with machines ‘Men have become the tools of their tools’ A brain without a body Variations on a human theme Short answer: Yes ✔ Advertisements


Learning to move

When will machines have human agility? That’s what the film studio Universal Everything tries to answer in their captivating videos pairing a dancer and a copycat robot mimicking his moves. Set in a spacious, well-worn dance studio, a dancer teaches a series of robots how to move. As the robots’ abilities develop from shaky mimicry […]

Competence without imagination 🤖

The machine is a perfection of man, one that aggregates all simulations and chooses the best possibility at the right time. AI also gets smarter with each mistake it makes in a type of machine learning called reinforcement learning. Humans can’t learn and execute actions as fast as their robot counterparts can. Our neuronal chips are […]

Idle humanness

Humans are organic algorithms. We are cardiologists, historians, and taxi drivers that represent a bank of knowledge and reproducible skill. In 2005, Thoms Friedman famous proclaimed that the World is Flat. What he didn’t foresee is that the democratization of phones and web access would render human thinking useless. Cars will be autonomous, robots will […]