The page rattles with emptiness,
The mind fumbles in thought,
Starting paralyzes the hands,

Is this what they want, you ask,
Or is this what I want, you ask,

Good taste inspires,
Creativity perspires,
Practice breeds confidence
Shipping calms the lizard brain,

Passion begets patience,
To be known now or known later,
Beware: Fame disrupts,
Art ebbs and flows with the craft.


Relationships Are More Important Than Ambition

Ambition drives people forward; relationships and community, by imposing limits, hold people back.

Ambition is about more than money.  Ambition, like relationships, require doing the work you love.  Once you find it, you let it grow. 


How Goals and Good Intentions Can Hold Us Back

Staying focused on our goals detracts from the inherent pleasures of the activities we need to pursue to achieve those goals.  

Revel in the process and you’re more likely to make it to the finishing line.

The game of goal setting is a paradox.  The goal is there to get you started.  Find your flow and then let go.    


Be very focused on your goal and work on it daily

+38 other ways to succeed by Seth Godin
This is Thomas Edison’s to-do list.  Find the remaining here.    Notice how there’s no bullet points.  It’s just a list of things he wants to accomplish. “Things doing and to be done” has no limitations.   Be free to do the dream.