Is flying the last escape in our constantly connected world? ✈️

Soon enough the good old days of shoddy airplane wifi will be behind us. The airplane seems to be the only place — the antithesis of the coffee shop — where we have no choice but to disconnect. The internet is either too expensive or too slow to bother using. And it’s within this big […]


Why some children struggle to hold pencils

According to doctors, you can blame tech for children’s inability to hold pencils. Apparently all that screen time is doing nothing to strengthen their thumb, index, and middle fingers which work together to form one’s basic writing technique. Generation thumbs Having grown up with perpetual swiping and speaking in images and emoji, the next generation is […]

The best music to help you focus

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE SEE THE DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO. Music is a performance-enhancement drug. There’s a reason athletes listen to songs on repeat to pump them up before games. But music’s effect on studying, writing, or doing office work is equally profound. Music is known to increase your productivity by sharpening your focus and […]

Win back your attention by turning your screen gray 📱⬜👀

[bha size=’120×120′ variation=’01’ align=’alignright’]The variety of colors on our smartphone screens pop like candy. As advertiser Bruce Barton wrote in his 1925 book In The Man Nobody Knows, “The brilliant plumage of the bird is color advertising addressed to the emotions.” We tap into Instagram, scroll through a few photos, and return to the home […]

The music we play

Vinyl, cassette tapes, CDs, and MP3s were at one point mass produced. They were placeholders, meant to expire at the mercy of technological change and evolving listening habits. So if we take the stream, a file-type that’s in infinite cloud-based inventory, what type of file emerges next? The next development will focus on the quality of […]

Don’t let social media use you

Attention is a gift that the social networks want to steal from you. Here’s a simple trick to ward off their magnetism and catch yourself: put the social apps on the fourth home screen. That’s right: make it harder to access Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest with just a couple taps. The design hurdle […]

What’s next?

What’s next? Are we over the smartphone boom and the newest social networking app already? We live in a ‘next’ society. We need something new every couple months. As the chips get faster, so too do our consumption habits.  We long to get over what’s staring us in the face so we can move on to […]

How the Kindle teaches you to avoid distractions

There are only two ways to read a book: own a hard copy or read books on Kindle. Reading in the Kindle app on the iPhone is not the same as reading on a standalone Kindle device. On the phone, you are a click away from checking the dopamine-hitting social media feeds, email, and text/push message disturbances. […]

Avoid election news by escaping into the ephemeral social networks

Social networks are places that often change. Take Instagram for example. Up until the launch of Stories, it’s been your life’s highlight reel. Now Instagram is a place to share real and raw moments. I used to post an edited photo to Instagram at least one time a day. Today, I share to Stories ninety percent of […]

Gamifying science: Discover new species through a bug-based social network

Yesterday, I blogged about the ability to scan any color in the world using Cronzy’s app and use that exact color to draw in the real world. You can take a similar approach to help identify any of the world’s bugs. is a social network for bug lovers, connecting both the amateur photography discovering […]

Lightweight Apps for Writing

When you’re on the go, you want apps that are quick to open and quick to post. You want to stay away from apps that require more than three clicks. By the time you get in then, you’ll have lost your idea or train of thought. Here are a few lightweight writing apps that are […]