Staying connected

Details often allude the inattentive. Our attention sticks to the future, trying to manage unforeseeable events while simultaneously harping on the past. In other words, the present is filled with more than one single mind and instead replaced with a collection of fragments. But we can advance human intuition with a slight tweak in focus. […]

‘The peak of peak attention…’

“The peak of peak attention can be assigned an exact date: Sunday, September 9, 1956, when Elvis Presley made his first appearance on television, on CBS’s Ed Sullivan Show. Its 82.6 percent share of viewers has never been equaled or bettered.” — Tim Wu, The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside Our Heads

Win back your attention by turning your screen gray 📱⬜👀

[bha size=’120×120′ variation=’01’ align=’alignright’]The variety of colors on our smartphone screens pop like candy. As advertiser Bruce Barton wrote in his 1925 book In The Man Nobody Knows, “The brilliant plumage of the bird is color advertising addressed to the emotions.” We tap into Instagram, scroll through a few photos, and return to the home […]

Life on fast-forward

The internet complicates what it means to be productive. We trap ourselves in email and unlimited social media browsing. We eat lunch at our desks to justify your busyness when “we should go for a walk, to the coffee shop, just to get away. Even Victorian factories had some kind of rest breaks,” says workplace […]

Don’t let social media use you

Attention is a gift that the social networks want to steal from you. Here’s a simple trick to ward off their magnetism and catch yourself: put the social apps on the fourth home screen. That’s right: make it harder to access Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest with just a couple taps. The design hurdle […]

Pockets of attention

Issac Asimov used to spend four hours a day writing. He wrote nearly five hundred books in his lifetime. Warren Buffet says he spends hours a day reading in his office. What does this say? There’s a time for consuming and a time for producing. Those that will thrive in the 21st century are those […]