One and multiple realities

Things don't come out of nowhere. They are found. It is only in our search for them through our curiosity goggles that we stumble upon something with awe and make another connection. Eureka–there's another idea!

Reality is already augmented. We interpret a world of manifest information. Virtual reality is merely an extension, an exaggeration bordering non-fiction, of that experience. But it too is real, exposing its own bits and bytes.

There's a physical space and digital space. But they're increasingly becoming one of the same.

“Within a decade or two I’m sure we’re going to have virtual reality that begins to be, visually and auditorily at least, indistinguishable from worlds like ours. Some things are going to be harder: the role of the body, hunger, thirst, sex, birth, death. Some things are going to take a while to build into virtual reality, but I suspect within a century there will be Matrix-style virtual reality, which is more or less indistinguishable from our kind of reality.”

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It’s Going to Happen

Upon many billboard, TV commercial, cup, and store poster today is the Twitter and Facebook logo. Foursquare and Yelp are the occasional supplement. Not surprisingly adding these simple icons acquire new fans.

But the more I see them all I think about is the inevitable addition of the Pinterest icon.

This icon is different though.

I'm talking about virtual pinning, using the phone as a scanner to instantly tag images to your board.

We can do this now. All we need to do is take a photo and upload it to our board. It takes time to go between apps though.

I want to see an augmented reality-like drag and drop. Let me select my items, whether it's a grocery store or shoe shop and add those images to my board bag. It's the same thing we do on

We shop with our eyes and then with our wallet.

We never saw light of the Instagram app promoted on any physical marketing materials. This was probably because Instagram never had a platform for personal and brand pages.

Pinterest just makes a whole lot of sense. But not just the icon, the virtual pinning experience.

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