“Hey Jude” turns 50

“BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, AY!”  This Sunday celebrates the Beatles longest-running single “Hey Jude.” Back in June, you may recall that the song’s writer and Beatles icon Paul McCartney appeared on Carpool Karaoke to sing the track at the band’s hometown Liverpool pub. In this piece, the Smithsonian recounts the epic history of the song, including the fact that […]

McCartney drives us through his life in Liverpool on Carpool Karaoke

That’s right, in this clip Paul McCartney looks old. Nearly frail. It’s still him, but he’s a grandpa. Hip, but a bit crotchety when it comes to movement. And you’re not turned off in the least, you want to will him to go on, to never die, to be here forever, because once he’s gone, […]

What Vegas Teaches Us About Life

There are so many life lessons learned in coming to Vegas, some trite but too true to ignore. In no particular order: The best things in life are achieved through raw, hard work and love for what you do What goes up, must come down Losing sucks, always Fun is deceptive The Chinese takeover is […]