‘Write drunk, edit sober’ 🍺✍️

In a recent study done by professor Andrew Jarosz of Mississippi State University reveals that drunk people are more creative at problem-solving. We gave participants 15 questions from a creative problem-solving assessment called the Remote Associates Test, or RAT—for example, “What word relates to these three: ‘duck,’ ‘dollar,’ ‘fold’?”; the answer to which is “bill.” […]

Creative infographics from Pop Chart Lab including a poster of every emoji

From hand-illustrating every emoji ever to showcasing all varieties of beer, a taxonomy of rap names, and a compendium of basketball jerseys, the artists at Pop Chart Lab turns data into creative infographics. Not surprisingly, the visuals make perfect posters for the wall. You can order a standalone print, pair it with a handmade frame, or request […]

Digital bar tap

The worst part about watching sports at a pub is the beer line.  We almost always miss the start of the second half and we even lose our seats. Not anymore.  An English pub called The Thirsty Bear has digitized ordering using iPads.  There’s no need to even get up.  There’s no need for waiters. […]