Life & Philosophy

The irrationality stick

Irrationality runs rampant, pervading every human that dare unthink its power. 

Call it karma. Call it branding. Call it exuberance. Absurdity’s long-term effect attrits the reality of facts.

What is progress in a sea of lies? The perception of truth arises from the visceral to keep the falsities at bay.

But like any other placebo, a little drunkenness works still. All we need is a good story. The rest of the story perpetuates itself. 


Why blogging still matters in business – and always will. —

“It is much simpler and much more powerful. It is about developing our awareness, our communication skills, and our collective intelligence. It is about thinking harder and writing better. Blogging is a means by which to rediscover your voice, to learn to share your thoughts with others, and by doing so to help us all get smarter faster.”

There’s too much noise and ephemeral thoughts on the Internet (thanks Twitter). Blogging is the exercise of making some sense of it all. I do my best on this blog to draw conclusions about tech, social media, and music as well as make predictions where those things are headed next.

And I’m willing to be wrong.


Points and Counterpoints

“I think that…”

“I’m arguing that…”

Every statement is an argument, where you state it outright or not.  Arguments are pre-built into your expressions, evinced through your words and actions. 

You can tell a lot about someone’s perspective by merely following them on Twitter, even if they just retweet.  Arguments can also be wordless; you can also learn a lot about a person’s beliefs by following their Instagram feeds.  

Sharing is the process of exchanging arguments.   

Naturally, everyone argues, it’s just that some choose to do it more aggressively than others.  Some people prefer to argue through a canvass, allowing their art to speak for themselves.  Society ultimately determines the credibility of our content.  Right or wrong, we all need to be heard.  To do this, we all need to build a niche.