Smoke This

Sitting is not the new smoking. Smoking kills you outright. Sitting for long periods of time without moving will do the same. But sitting in 45 minute intervals and then getting up to take a five minute break will keep you just as healthy as standing all day at work, which probably has its own negative consequences.

Some people need to sit in order to do focused, creative work. They may stand to answer email and input data. Meanwhile, the only way some people can work is on their feet.

Marketers sell fear. They sell successful role models that worked standing up, most notably Benjamin Franklin and Ernest Hemingway. Standing up is a health recommendation, not a promise for success.

Sitting won’t kill you if you get up every once in a while, preferably for exercise.

Productivity & Work Quotes

‘Lost time is never found again.’


“Lost time is never found again.”

— Benjamin Franklin

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Design within Life

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People are born responsive.  When you’re a baby, your brain is open to all influences.  The only problem is that you don’t have control of your surroundings.  You just have to be lucky enough to grow up with people that are open-minded.

The world is a huge, disparate place.  Travel is a great way to learn about these differences.  But you can also spark your curiosity by merely reading a book and allowing your mind to travel vicariously.  Creativity is a result of knowing that there’s always more to explore.

The more experiences you have when you’re young, the more likely it is you’ll be able to connect the dots as you grow older.  Your greatest risk is your ignorance.  A stagnant personality blinds you from seeing things that others don’t.

Open minds are platform agnostic.  They conform to their environment like a chameleon while leaving open the possibility of change.  The most interesting people are the ones that have indefinite identities, not in the sense of a personality disorder, but a curiosity for everyone and everything.  They keep asking questions.

“Most men die at 25…we just don’t bury them until they are 70.” – Benjamin Franklin

Innovators see the obvious things that others don’t and build on top of those ideas while maintaining the desire to learn even more.  It behooves everyone therefore to embrace brain plasticity, to never fully concede to one thing over the other.  As Ray Dolby, the founder of Dolby Laboratories once said:

To be an inventor, you have to be willing to live with a sense of uncertainty, to work in the darkness and grope toward an answer, to put up with the anxiety about whether there is an answer.

We’re always changing.


Slow Learners

We often define “smart” at how good someone is at memorization, learning, and standardized tests.

But the real world requires alternative intelligence, and most importantly, meaning.

What motivates you? Is it the grades, money, the autonomy, the ease or challenge of the job?

Passion pushes intelligence to a level beyond knowing what everyone else knows. Passion spurs innovation, creativity, and deliberate deviation from the norm.

Why do what everyone else is doing when you can change the odds?

“Most men die at 25… we just don’t bury them until they are 70.” – Benjamin Franklin

Stay motivated and work on stuff that interests you. That’s intelligence.