Bill Gates on the genius of Leonardo da Vinci

A good book review from Bill Gates on Walter Isaacson’s latest book Leonardo da Vinci.

More than any other Leonardo book I’ve read, this one helps you see him as a complete human being and understand just how special he was. He came close to understanding almost all of what was known on the planet at the time. That’s partly because scientific knowledge was relatively limited back then, partly because he had a high IQ, but mostly because he was insatiably curious about pretty much every area of natural science and the human experience. He studied, in meticulous detail, everything from the flow of water and the rise of smoke to the muscles you use when you smile.

Curiosity is king.


Cool Kids

“We’ve come too far / To give up who we are” – Pharrell Williams & Daft Punk “Get Lucky”

Unfortunately, some people were never themselves in the beginning. They conformed, bowed down to the herd so they too fit in.

Popularity in high school and college is a game of nothingness. The world demands your uniqueness and creativity, not your ability to blend in like everybody else.

The cool kids are the weird ones. They’re the kids everyone remembers. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jack Dorsey were all quirky in the early days. It turns out thinking different is just a stepping stone to innovation.

Never give up your individuality; the worlds looks to you for a sincere contribution.

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