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This blog is not dead

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

Bud Caddell explains why everyone should blog:

“Nothing makes you sharper than trying to say something worth listening to and nothing can attract like-minded friends and followers than a mountain of concerted attempts. True, you have more places than ever to publish your content and there are benefits to be had in the exchange. But if you have a laser focus, an obsessive set of typing fingers, and a reality distorting ambition, give it a shot.”

Everyone should produce their own content, on their own domain, and come out and own their self-expression. Some of your work is going to good; some of it is going to be good but go unnoticed and some of it is just going to be bad as if you forced it out.

Publishing daily is all part of getting in the habit of shipping, remaining curious, and discovering what resonates with your audience.


7 articles to read this week

Below are some interesting articles I stumbled upon this week.

The Perfect Nap: Sleeping Is a Mix of Art and Science: Neither nap too long nor too short. And you’re definitely not getting enough sleep if you start dreaming in a 20-minute nap!

Cognitive Science Meets Pre-Algebra. Holistic, connective learning beats out learning in blocks. Either way, we’re still trying to learn why the brain is always moving.

Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are. I know you’re busy. So am I. But I still find time to take care of the most important things and try to have a life. Let’s not complain to each other about how busy we are and make it worse.

Jonathon Fletcher: forgotten father of the search engine. Fletcher created web search in 1993, 5 years before Google. He called it the “Jumpstation.”

What It Means to Be Popular (When Everything Is Popular). Thank goodness the masses are dividing into a mass of niches and confusing what it means to be “popular”. Conformity sucks anyway. Again, be this guy.

Turns Out Your Kids Really Did Love That Music You Played. Apparently we love our parent’s music more than we love the music we grew up with. Pink Floyd, Joy Division, and Depeche Mode are indeed extraordinary. Music is also timeless.

Dizzee Rascal mashes up Vine and Cinemagram for new video. I suspect we’ll see more long-form videos in the ever-snackable GIF format.


7 articles to read this week

What's in your reader?  These are some interesting articles I saved this week:

Writers should take a year off, and give us all a break. Apparently, 81% of Americans feel that they have a book in them. The Internet age has inspired people to write books. And so they have. But the increase in e-books is countered by the decrease in reading. People want to consume sound bytes and lists, not long-form content. If everyone is reading less, than why not write less? “The Year of Not Writing” sounds about right.  

On Thinking Caps. Venkatesh Guru Rao explains why thinkers tend to get more interrupted than workers. There's a misconception that doing nothing means staring off into space. Quite the contrary:  Where's my thinking cap?

The (Mis)branding of Meditation. The author argues against many of the marketing ploys about meditation. You can't forcibly control your mind and stop all thoughts.  Proper meditation acknowledges thoughts and moves on. 

How Screens, Speed and Networks are Changing the Future of Online Video.  Om Malik makes a great point:  that screen size (TV, iPhone, iPad) ultimately sets the expectation for the content to be consumed and that all social networks are different.  Vine and Instagram are video video powered social networks but each has its own consumption expectation and quality:  6 seconds versus 15.  

Real science lies behind the fad for standing up at work.  Some of the greats worked standing up.  They also were saving their health.  It doesn't take a lot of studies to tell you that sitting too much is bad.  If you do prefer to sit, make an effort to get up and move around more often. 

The End of Advertising As We Know It – And What To Do Now.  A lot of marketing is just absolute noise, no matter how well the 360 degrees marketing story gets told.  With mobile phones and apps, you can create a 365 day relationship with your customers.  Now that's a real return on relationship. 

How To Train Your Brain To See What Others Don't.  In order to think differently, you need to be more aware of your surroundings, ask questions, and let the mind daydream.  Duh.    


Blog post vs. blog: This blog post is not a “blog.”

The reasons for avoiding this linguistic boner are pretty simple. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is that it can be confusing. No matter what dictionary you check—online, Urban, or otherwise—you will find no definition of blog that means blog post. Saying one to mean the other is like saying magazine when you mean article.

Correct: “Blog” are blog posts in their entirety.