Pottermore Power

JK Rowling just ripped digital book services a new one, selling her Harry Potter books directly from her website. The books appear on Amazon and Barnes and Noble but literally only for display and convenience to the customer. The book can only be purchased at the Pottermore store and made compatible for all eReading devices. […]

Luke Wroblewski’s “One Thumb. One Eyeball.” Presentation at Victoria’s Secret NY HQ

Luke Wroblewski (@LukeW) stopped by the office today for a few hours to present his thoughts on mobile design. I caught the first half of the presentation and jotted down these eye openers. More iPhones sold per day than babies born in the world. That’s 378k iPhones vs 371k babies. Mobile has eaten all forms […]

New Ideas Evolve From Old Ones

http://vimeo.com/36881035 Everything that’s ever been created was stolen from something else, consciously or not. To sum up the product wheel:  Creation > Personal Property > Laws > Rewards > Legal Fees > Creation The mashup always starts something new.

Brilliant Mind Stuck In Old School Ways

David Remnick, New Yorker editor: The New Yorker — you roll it up, you put it in your bag. It’s quite easy; it’s pretty good technology.. And then you throw it away never to see it again or hoard it and lose space in your apartment. The urge to resist digital technology is tangibility nostalgia.

Tech Crunched

We’re rightfully obsessed with the mobile phone because it’s a content media and communications device. Losing or breaking our phone is like losing our book reader, music and movie player all in one. Just wait until the phone becomes our wallet too. We’ll check our pockets compulsively. Still, the more consolidated the devices the better. […]

The eBook Bandwagon

Publishers, newspapers, and bloggers are all releasing eBooks. Why?  Because they’re that easy to write and release the next day. With everyone writing eBooks, digital shelf space is getting crowded.  Even the major book publishers will have to fight for attention. But it’s good for the individual. If you’ve ever wanted to be a writer, […]

The Case For More Digital Books (Education)

You don’t need an Amazon Kindle to get access to cheaper college textbooks.  All you need is the Kindle app, available on PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Smartphones.  But what I want to see is the Kindle loaning program apply to textbooks too. College textbooks are too expensive, especially the hardcovers.  I’d spend $1k on books per semester, only […]

Books Like The Sound of Music

When one brick and mortar dies, someone else is eating up the purchase. This is the case with Amazon which replaced Borders and iTunes which replaced the record store. What will be interesting to see is how much the book business copies the music business with Dropcards, QR codes, and variable pricing on digital products. Undoubtedly, […]