Tips for boosting your memory and brain power

If you’re looking to boost your memory and brain power, this video contains some excellent tips and reminders. In summary: Exercise. Physical exercise helps form new brain cells and solidifies existing neurons. It also increases the hippocampus brain area which is responsible for memory and learning. Never stop learning. Learning something new builds new brain cells. In […]

Human plus machine 🤖

It’s inevitable. In technology, nothing stands still. We’ll know what we want to accomplish and we’ll do so with incredible pace and confidence. The only thing that stands in our way is lack of belief in the brain and body’s flexibility. Virtual or non-virtual reality, there will only be one continuous world. Everything else is […]

The simple technique that boosts your short and long-term memory

Want to remember more of what you read? Give your brain a 10-15 minute rest. No phones, no distractions, just pure boredom, a quiet room and dimmed lights. Why do we need to reduce interference? It takes longer for new information to encode and simply consuming more or squandering time on social media will make […]

People on the move

Following others is risky. Just yesterday I saw a man nearly get hit because he decided to follow the woman in front of him who was dashing across the street. At the next light, I saw the same situation, except this time the person following had their head down looking at their phone. Following others […]

The Older Mind May Just Be a Fuller Mind

For the time being, this new digital-era challenge to “cognitive decline” can serve as a ready-made explanation for blank moments, whether senior or otherwise. It’s not that you’re slow. It’s that you know so much. You might not be as forgetful as you think, just over-informed. How about another RSS feed?

Slow Learners

We often define “smart” at how good someone is at memorization, learning, and standardized tests. But the real world requires alternative intelligence, and most importantly, meaning. What motivates you? Is it the grades, money, the autonomy, the ease or challenge of the job? Passion pushes intelligence to a level beyond knowing what everyone else knows. […]