The Silent Partner


Great, long profile of Jason Goldman, the former head of product at Twitter who is now at Branch, by Rob Fishman of BuzzFeed FWD. Without question, Goldman is someone who has not gotten enough credit over the years given everything he’s been deeply involved in. 

Sometimes the most talented and hardest working folks are too busy to play celebrity.

“The real heart of a product manager is the guy who sits in the back of the raft with the oar.”



I love it when those with a significant following express exactly how I feel so the word reaches a much broader audience.

Fred Wilson did this today expressing similar frustration with exclusive sites like Branch, Sbvtle, and Medium.

If you haven’t heard of these sites, they are the latest blogging platforms. While beautifully designed, the sites are controlled, permitting only significant contributors inside in attempt to dictate the conversation.

I’ve requested to be part of all three and have only been accepted to Branch. Side note: My little brother is still awaiting his Branch invite and because of this experience, will probably never come back.

Furthermore, even when you get into Branch, you have to be invited to a group conversation. I was ok with that in the beginning but have recently found it annoying. I shouldn’t have to give the community owner a one sentence preview before I get approved to speak. Quora does just fine with open comments. Those with the best opinion/insight get voted up.

I hope Fred’s post get these blogging platforms to change their minds and be more open. We need to keep the web an open democracy.


The Volatility of Social Spaces

My first contribution to Branch

Instagram reinforced the old adage that images are worth a thousand words, obviating text-driven status posts and leveraged the timing of major consolidated advancements in cameras and ubiquitous Internet.   

I hope they let me in on the conversation.