The Beatles never look up

What if the four distracted Beatles never looked up during the Abbey Road album shoot? This cartoon presents a funny, modern-day interpretation of the iconic The Beatles Abbey Road album cover. The only thing missing, besides Paul McCartney’s shoes, is the Abbey Road zebra-crossing. Chances are the driver also works for Uber. You may also […]


Walking is hard

Walking didn’t use to be this hard because we didn’t think much about it. But now we’re all walking zombies, staring down into our mobile screens. We use our ears and narrow field of view to warn us of impending danger. Thankfully, designers are creating smart powered pedestrian pavement to save our lives from distraction […]

‘A rejected cartoon isn’t a dead cartoon’: New Yorker cartoonists explain how they come up with ideas

One way to generate good ideas is to produce a lot of bad ones first. Focus on quantity rather than quality so you have a lot to play with. New Yorker’s cartoon editor Bob Mankoff says coming up with good ideas starts with asking yourself “what if?” ‘Ideas breed ideas’..He’s always amazed by the people […]