Celebrity status

Being one is fun. But really the only difference between celebrities and the rest of us are impressions and power.

TV already edits their flaws, while they portray the perfect life to their millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Celebrities also carry with them huge clout – they can dictate their fans and drive them to just about anywhere to buy and share their product. Meanwhile, the anonymous virtually share themselves.

Celebrities are praised because of the scarce skill they offer. And rightfully so. Their relevancy depends on repeating success again and again. That pressure alone is respectable.

Beyond fame, celebs are ordinary people and face the same issues as we do. They get sick, have family issues, and have to pay the bills.

I’m not convinced a celebrity’s life is that much better than ours. They have more pressure to paint a life of desire while the rest of us accept the life we have. The meek shall inherit the Earth, or so they say.


The Downfall of Vicarious Living

TV is a distraction from reality.  So are video games, books, Internet, and social media.  We consume these things mostly for entertainment but also because they allow us pass time and dream.

But the content becomes dangerous when we actually start thinking that’s how life actually works. 

It turns out that life is much harder than what appears on screen.  You’ve got to work for things, and so does everyone else.  Every human is fallible even though the people you admire want you thinking their life is 100% glamorous.  

Perfection is a script to be unfollowed.  How you react to the demands of daily life determines the real person you become.