Identifying what matters

The brain is an empty void. It waits to remember until we give things meaning. Otherwise, it clings to the instincts of the amagdyla for its main sensory perception. Thankfully, our brains are large processors. It knows that survival depends on exchanging information with others. Information is quid pro quo. But the problem with oral […]

The new journalism, where fame is the game

We worship celebrities like they’re the new Gods but they’re as fallible as we are. We obsess with the famous for being famous. First, we had reality tv and then social media gave us the Kardashians and Trump. Is this how the media wants to harvest our attention and chip away at human decency? Reporters […]

Like 4 Like?

You may have seen these hashtags on Instagram before: followforfollow #likeforlike #follow4follow #like4like #l4l #f4f #tflers #followback #tagsforlikes Kids are trading likes. You can even buy likes and followers from sites like Fiverr. Social validation is big business. All the kids want is to be heard. They just want to be likes on screen more […]

Sunday Social Roundup

As Tweets create more noise than value, a curated Twitter feed a la Facebook might not be that bad of an idea after all. It also enables Twitter to build in ads in between tweets which of course is good for profits but bad for the user experience. With the tablet market shrinking, more developers […]

Instagram’s Explore Tab: Now Tailored to You

The company has tweaked the algorithm that determines what posts appear under the app’s Explore tab — so that the tab displays photos and videos specifically suggested for each user. Previously, the Explore section only displayed posts that were popular among all Instagram users. Looking forward to a more personalized Instagram Explore tab. It’s been […]