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The rules are, there are no rules

Photo by Wells Baum

The rules are,
There are no rules,
We are putty,
Asking to be reshaped,
Chasing revolution,
Staying flexible,
Mushy in the middle,
Wobbly at the sides,
Recorrecting at the ends,
The mystery universe.


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself

Leo Tolstoy
Politics & Society

“Don’t start nothing won’t be nothing.”

For every action there’s a reaction. But don’t provoke someone or something without clear conviction.

If you’re going to ruffle some feathers, do it because you really believe in change. And be willing to take full accountability for your actions.

Unfortunately, you’re not always going to win the fight, and certainly not in the beginning. Snowden called out the NSA for spying on the world and is barred from returning to the United States without a sentencing. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to make a statement about segregation yet found herself in jail.

Obedience is the end of freedom. In order to grab attention, you have to be willing to stake your claim and fight. You have to say what others are afraid to discuss; otherwise, things will just keep moving along as they are.

The audacity of hope is also the audacity to provoke.

Provocation ignites a healthy debate, one that gets others thinking differently about their own everyday beliefs.

What do you believe in? Playing it safe guarantees you’ll live a life of anonymity. But if you want to be remembered you’ll start something great and get people to rally behind your cause. We’re all just puzzle pieces trying to do the right thing.

Never stop innovating.
Never stop innovating.

Thinking [inside] the box

When we embrace what we have and the hurdles we inherent, we are forced to find alternative means of survival.

In escaping the day to day routine we acquire a broader perspective. Struggle pushes the mind to think different about our surroundings.

Being different isn’t always a matter of deliberate rebellion or weirdness but a natural outcome in recasting the cards we’ve been dealt.

Art is a beautiful struggle. Creativity is really an instrument for coping, requiring endurance and hope.

We should start with what life gives us and pivot when the essentials fail. Change facilitates evolution and avoids the pitfalls of stagnancy.


Evaluating Change

If you want to keep up with modernity you have no choice but to evolve. You can resist change until the evolving market resists you. #amwriting #blogging #selfimprovement

There’s always something better. A better phone, a better bike, a better restaurant, and better business partners. But to find that newness takes time, trust, and proper funds.

It’s much easier to stick with the status quo.

But at some point the old product or relationship becomes stale; it starts underperforming and getting in the way of your existing expectations. That’s when you need to make a change and look for other something better.

If you want to keep up with modernity you have no choice but to evolve. You can resist change until the evolving market resists you.

Technology is obviously the most rapidly changing. Fax machine anyone? Of course, not everything should be tweaked. You can’t trade in your family. Love is not fungible. Plus, some things are just incredibly convenient; why try another coffee shop if Starbucks truly makes you satisfied?

Do what makes you happy but be open to changing certain things, especially if the old way puts you at a comparative disadvantage. Keep up, conform where necessary, and love what you already have.