It’s Not ‘Mess.’ It’s Creativity.

“While cleaning up certainly has its benefits, clean spaces might be too conventional to let inspiration flow.”

A messy desk could be a symptom of busyness but also creativity. But so too can a clean desk, since being organized is part of keeping only what’s essential and what’s a priority.

You ultimately need both types of desk spaces, one squalor where you’re allowed the freedom to throw out everything on the table and one minimalist area to do focused work.


Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are commonly used in Turkey to more effectively clean hands after a meal. But they are also a branding opportunity.

Each restaurant and hotel makes its own baby wipes, inserting a simple company or brand logo on the packaging. It’s a subtle impression but turns customers into promoters.

Many people save these baby wipes and pass them out to others. I received more than a dozen. But what I didn’t see on the packaging was any messaging, specifically related to social channels or a website. Placing a Facebook or Twitter icon is a cheap, easy win and creates new fans and followers.

I hoarded many of these packets in my pocket as well kind of like the way I keep pens from hotel.

The only time you get baby wipes in America is after lobster. Maybe we should reconsider.