Mind change like climate change

Whether you like or it not, it’s happening. Our minds are wired, inheriting the chaos of the digital world.

We crave a need for speed, checking in for the latest Instagrams and Tweets twice in 5 minutes while responding to text messages.

The state of constant connectedness is turning us into rapid responders. Everything feels like breaking news. Information is making us fat and unnecessarily stressed.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) exceeds our ability to moderate attention. We always want to know more.

Imagine what the world will be like when Smart technology gets embedded into our eyes. If Google already has Smart glasses, the next iteration is computerized eye contacts.

The Internet is a lifestyle. It’s part of our lives, integral to communication, school,
play, and work. Turning if off completely would make us severely disadvantaged.

Internet overuse goes unnoticed like the abuse of the environment. Sustenance is an excuse for killing off all that we have left, all that is natural. We under-appreciate the essentials, consuming more than we need. All this will backlash.