Paintings by Njideka Akunyili Crosby

Nigerian-American painter Njideka Akunyili Crosby takes inspiration from her Nigerian roots and combines them into her own millennial experience of America.  The first image above entitled ‘Home: As You See Me’ (2017) showcases objects from her grandmother’s meshed in with Crosby’s own Ikea furniture from her apartment in LA. Akunyili Crosby became a 2017 McArthur fellow last year. Writes […]

Defining singularity in the mass

The plane I had made for Lufthansa already contained 2,000 small images of the same plane. But I wanted to get to a scale that would be comparable to what felt like the beginning of a whole different paradigm. It was the 1980s, when air transportation had truly become global: airports were becoming cities and, […]

‘The imperfect match, the failure of unity…’

The great thing about collage is that, because production is so minimal, you are always close to the vantage point of the viewer. I am often asked why I don’t just get two people, pose them for photographs and splice the shots more accurately, but that misses the point. It’s the imperfect match, the failure […]

Bending meaning with Max Ernst

Twists and turns, intended distortions, randomness and the irrational stitched into a collage. Getting weird makes it more interesting. Becoming interested makes it less strange. To protest reason is human. Thinking different frees one from the cage. Max Ernst flirted beyond painting, incorporating bits of catalogs and photos to take them in ‘wonderful directions.’ You […]