Collecting music in 2017

iTunes worked because it was essentially a spreadsheet where you could dump all your music and have it categorized by the basics of searchability: artist name, song name, album name, year, and so forth. However, while iTunes excelled in organizing metadata, it wasn’t the place you searched for new music. Niche MP3 stores like Bandcamp […]

The World’s Most Useful Bazaar

Facebook and Twitter, designed for communicating and sharing personal stories, naturally put people in a social mindset. And in that context, commerce will always feel inappropriate. Pinterest is for shopping, or at least pre-purchase intent. That makes it more potentially more valuable than Facebook or Twitter since the images are already the ads.

The Internet Art Dump

My dad is an art and antique collector.  I’m a digital art and antique collector.  We both hoard.  However, his art costs money while my digital images are free with a right-click, copy image to clipboard.   He displays his collection at home.  Guests have to come over to see his collection.  I display and […]