‘Laugher doesn’t need thought.’ 😂

Laughter is the quickest way to get people with divergent views or backgrounds to agree. As Trevor Noah puts it, “Laughter doesn’t need thought.” It is intuited.

Laughter is an antidote to difference because it is indifferent — it has no preference — even if a 😂 only lasts a few seconds.

Ralph Waldo Emerson and John Cage both said the same thing.

Social Gadfly

The most remarkable people on the Internet are the ones tweeting or posting unpredictable content.

One of my favorite twitter handles is @fart, mostly because his tweets are outlandish and comical. Just look at his profile picture. One of my favorite Tumblrs is nevver for its provocative art posts. Everything on there is rebloggable.

If you want your tweets or your blog to stand out, you need to offer people either something useful, interesting, or unpredictable. The more ridiculous you are the better. The Internet loves to be poked.