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Screen Hopping, The Endless Itch For Attention

The remote control and mobile phone have turned us into bored content hunters. We flip channels and websites hoping to find something that excites us.

Such rapid hopping makes another person crazy. Indecision creates frustration.

There’s simply too much choice on TV and the Web. Without a plan we scan content until we stumble upon something that grabs our attention. The final destination may be sports, music, movies, or the news.

The TV and second screen can compete for attention or be complimentary. Just last night I watched US play Brazil while keeping an eye on game sentiment on Twitter. Other times I’ll use the TV simply as background noise and the mobile or desktop screen as my primary focus.

Whether it’s one screen or two, browsing the TV or the Internet from our coach is an inescapable process. There’s too much content clutter that to our advantage/disadvantage can be viewed quickly.

Sometimes turning everything off to be happy is the only choice.


Is the Facebook Phone Really Worth The Time and Effort?

The Facebook phone make sense.

Facebook is a social ecosystem layered in with an app store, games, calendar, and a built in camera. It could push out an operating system today.

But it’s hardware that’s Facebook’s biggest challenge.

Just take a look at Amazon’s attempt to create a tablet. The Kindle Fire is no match for the iPad, minus the size and Apple is fixing that.

Building a phone is hard work with thousands of variables.

“You change the smallest thing on a smartphone and you can completely change how all the antennas work. You don’t learn this unless you’ve been doing it for a while.” (link)

Facebook doesn’t have any cellular product experience.  This is like Apple trying to turn Ping into a viable social network.  Stick to what you do best.

Zuckerberg has to ask himself if the mobile phone is really worth Facebook’s time and effort.


Create a Life with Purpose

  1. Leave the world with something it can remember.
  2. Measure how you achieve that goal.

God is not an accountant.


First Instagram, Then Twitter: Breaking News On Instagram

Instagram is for art. Instagram is for daily status updates. Instagram is also a news breaker.

Instagram is real-time just like Twitter.

In fact, Instagram precedes Twitter (No wonder Jack Dorsey wanted to buy it).  People are pulling out Instagram to document the story and then syndicating it to Twitter and other social networks.

People are taking on to Instagram to break news for 3 reasons:

  1. The Instagram app is fast.
  2. Community.  50 million users since we last checked.
  3. Beautiful stories.  As documented lately on the Instagram blog.

Twitter is for text.  Instagram is for images.  Facebook is for archiving and reliving experiences.

And Pinterest for the display.



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