Screen Hopping, The Endless Itch For Attention

The remote control and mobile phone have turned us into bored content hunters. We flip channels and websites hoping to find something that excites us. Such rapid hopping makes another person crazy. Indecision creates frustration. There’s simply too much choice on TV and the Web. Without a plan we scan content until we stumble upon […]

Is the Facebook Phone Really Worth The Time and Effort?

The Facebook phone make sense. Facebook is a social ecosystem layered in with an app store, games, calendar, and a built in camera. It could push out an operating system today. But it’s hardware that’s Facebook’s biggest challenge. Just take a look at Amazon’s attempt to create a tablet. The Kindle Fire is no match […]

First Instagram, Then Twitter: Breaking News On Instagram

.@dantoffey Joking aside I expect more Breaking News on @Instagram.The app is that fast.Twitter for the syndication. — Wells Baum (@bombtune) May 25, 2012 Instagram is for art. Instagram is for daily status updates. Instagram is also a news breaker. Instagram is real-time just like Twitter. In fact, Instagram precedes Twitter (No wonder Jack Dorsey wanted […]

How to Sketch Up Prototypes

Source: via Wells on Pinterest   Sketching or mocking up experiential prototypes and then testing them with consumers or potential partners, while also explicitly jotting down your operating and business assumptions and using them to discuss the business with industry experts, allows you both to pick a promising route to invest in the development […]

A Pragmatic Review of Facebook’s Camera App

MG Siegler called Facebook’s Camera app “great.” The app is well designed from the outset. But upon digging deeper there a few things that should be called out. 1.  The icon design is a carbon copy of Camera+. Source: Uploaded by user via Wells on Pinterest   This goes back to my argument that Facebook […]