Competition convinces people to work hard for the wrong things. This is especially true in school. Students compete for superiority because they have no other task at hand. School is their job. The SAT’s sole purpose is to further segregate the competition. Corporate jobs emphasize similar desultory competition; instead of competing for grades employees compete […]

What you want

…is probably not the same as what you’ll get. You may get better, or worse, but the most important thing is that you’ll get some chances. Opportunities always arise. They can be surprisingly easy, tap-ins as they say in football (soccer), which if unprepared or unfocused become incredibly easy to blunder. Chances are seldom. David […]

No Matter What I Do, There Is Always a 27-Year-Old Doing It Better

I have come to understand that no matter how successful I become, there will always be a 27-year-old who is doing it better. Accepting this is an important step in overcoming the pain of jealousy. Jealousy stirs up competition. But everyone needs some competitive edge otherwise we wouldn’t challenge ourselves to progress. Other people are […]

Opportunistic Myopia

Opportunities are everywhere, so you build up for them in preparation for the strike. But in preparing for the ‘next thing’ you forget about right now, in this space and time. How do you appreciate the present without getting obsessed with the future? Self-service is obvious and ugly. It’s not all about you, it’s about […]