The self promotion dilemma

By all means, show your work. The internet is a great place to get feedback and build up your confidence. Just keep in mind, it’s all about you until it isn’t. “It’s a total catch-22: if you don’t self-promote, you won’t be known to those who hold the keys to whatever kingdom you’re interested in […]

Doubting our own self-doubt

The only way to allay doubt is to do. We must face our biggest fears. Perhaps the only thing holding back J.K. Rowling from success was her fear of public speaking — she did it anyway. Public speaking. I agreed to read live at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in the belief that […]

Business (un)usual 

Living on the edge is dangerous but that’s exactly why we pursue it: it makes us feel more alive. Being a thrill-seeker goes beyond Nascar and rock climbing. Anything that fills you with both anxiety confidence can make you feel more alive, like delivering a public speech. Sometimes it pays off to get our of your comfort zone, […]

Obama’s final exit interview

President Obama talked with historian Kearns Goodwin at the White House for one of his last open-ended interviews before leaving office. The two discussed the president’s legacy, Lincoln, the importance of long-term thinking and Obama’s ‘writer’s sensibility.’ But the discussion over FDR’s ambitions and his struggle with polio is particularly interesting. GOODWIN: For example, young […]

Faking Confidence

There’s a big difference between competence and confidence. Someone who talks a lot is not necessarily competent. A big mouth rarely equates to skills. All we really just want to know how competent someone is. Confidence is a distractor. Competence is true confidence. Humility > Arrogance. Listen to this week’s HBR Podcast on “Confidence.” You […]