Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.

Mitch Albom
Productivity & Work

The difference maker

There are plenty of ideas. That’s not the problem. The challenge is in the execution of those ideas.

Action is the difference-maker, the key extension ideation. Action is where ideas get proven, shredded, or rebuilt.

Action also leads to other ideas which lead to further action. Discovery and deduction occur simultaneously through initiative.

The evidence lies within the doing. Doing is testing the idea for veracity. All action starts with a hypothesis about how things could work.

Give it a shot.


Never certain, always prepared

Think about it all you want. It’s never as bad as you think.

The mind seeks certainty before occurrence. Naturally, we think of negative outcomes first.

Few people are confident in their ability to succeed. These people are either well prepared or simply overconfident, which can be equally as bad as being too pessimistic. Never fabricate your past work nor future effort.

Embrace fear, worry about the future so you’re forced to over-prepare. Preparation makes you quicker on your feet.

As soon as you feel confident enough, let go. You can’t predetermine an outcome. The only thing you can control at that moment is focus and flow. Remain steady throughout.


Exaggerating the lizard brain

Exaggerate the lizard brain, the fear. Make up visualizations of embarrassment of potentially career ending moves. See the worst outcome possible, and then intensify the big failure even more.

Hyperbolizing fear reduces its preventive impact. Deliberately over-thinking about negative outcomes undermines fear. Scared becomes funny and ridiculous.

Put fear in its corner by embracing its negativity.  Give in to get out.  And then go for it.  You’ve seriously got nothing to lose.


Preparation, Still No Guarantee of Success

Preparation doesn’t guarantee success. There are unexpected variables at play. For instance, your teleprompter may break, or you’re given an outdated document to reference.

But what preparation does do is set you up for improvisation. When you know your stuff like the back of your hand you can call an audible and still execute effectively.

Preparation creates flexibility. It alleviates the fear of thinking on your feet. When you’re confident and knowledgable, you dictate the result.


Having Heart: Can We Rethink Life’s Stresses?

What if the learner’s fear could be construed as a positive challenge? What a skier—or anyone—could be made to believe that the pounding and fluttering were actually a resource, tools for enhanced performance?

If you look at stress in positive light, “reappraise arousal,” and get excited about the forthcoming challenge you’re more likely to have positive results.  

It’s just a simple mind hack.  Change your focus, change your perspective, increase focus and “physiological toughness.”