Countries with Better English Have Better Economies
Countries with Better English Have Better Economies

Weekend Reader

These are the most interesting articles I read through this week.


Facebook Fortitude

Word on the street says that mobile threatens Facebook’s future. The mobile screen is way smaller and difficult to insert ads without disrupting the whole user experience.

The Facebook app is janky as it stands with bugs and slow response. That needs to get fixed first. One thing that Instagram taught all app developers is that speed is key to growth. No one wants to wait to see content. Instagram starts uploading user images even before the filter gets selected.

But have no fear, Facebook will figure it out. Zuckerberg feels the heat and is fiercely persistent. He’ll keep adding companies to his portfolio until he figures out how to create the ultimate mobile experience that keeps advertisers on board.

Every time we doubt Facebook it proves itself again. It could disappear one day like MySpace but we should remember that it still has Instagram just like Microsoft has the Xbox. It also knows more about us than our parents.

Facebook has enough manpower to come up with innovative solutions for its users and advertisers. There’s no quit.

People love to hate Facebook and use it at the same time. That part won’t change.


How the Internet Killed The Driver’s Manual

There’s no need to ever leave the house. That’s what social networking, delivered groceries, and high gas prices have done to us.

Even if you leave the house, we know where and how to get places by checking google maps or the city transportation app to find the nearest bus or metro.

Technology makes it so easy we don’t even need a car. Nor do we really want one. The days when driving was cool and necessary are running thin.

From 2000 to 2010, the percentage of 14 to 34-year-olds without licences rose from 21 per cent to 26 per cent, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

There are also cheap daily car rental services and the ease of carpool which is far better organized today because of the bevy of social and mobile texting.

Car transportation drives the American economy and its communication. The Internet just makes us less dependent on it.


Speedier Apps

My favorite apps are just fast.

I’m currently writing this post on the Draft app. All I did was open it up and start writing. All my words get saved instantly.

Instagram uploads photos while we pick filters and write captions. It’s so fast it often uploads images with one connectivity bar from AT&T.

It’s also much faster to take pictures with Camera+ versus the native iPhone app.

In contrast, Facebook, Instapaper, and Soundcloud are great apps that are slow to load.

Facebook – I can never tell if I get a new mobile DM on Facebook until I rebuff the messages. Shouldn’t opening the app rebuff the messages automatically?

Instapaper – All I want is faster saving and faster viewing for newly saved articles. I always open it up on my iPhone and then close it as a reminder it’s best viewed on a PC.

SoundCloud – The recording feature is slow to upload files. Like Instagram, this is easily solved in the background while I name and attach a photo to that sound.

Mobile design and functionally are really about the behind the scenes tweaks. As a user, we don’t want to see the word “loading.”

App developers need to accelerate app functionality. The best service is simplicity and speed which if done right, go unnoticed.


Insta-Meet in Central Park

I couldn’t stay home this lazy Sunday.  The weather was just too beautiful.  So I took a ride into Manhattan and explored the urban jungle.

The best part about New York is that it never gets old.  It fuels inspiration, a state of perpetual motion.

Here’s the selects from my walk through Central Park.


All photographs taken with the iPhone 4S and posted through Instagram.  For more pictures, visit the Pinterest board.

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