Looking ahead, seeing behind

Stuck in the moment, nostalgic for the past. How do people run life at a dizzying pace while also wanting society to replicate the 1950s? Technology facilitates progress yet turns back the clock on thinking. Mobile phones allow anyone with a social account to amplify misinformation and weaken the willpower to do good. Even the inactive […]

The oppression of speed

According to German critical theorist Hartmut Rosa, accelerated technological developments have driven the acceleration in the pace of change in social institutions. Noticeable acceleration began more than two centuries ago, during the Industrial Revolution. But this acceleration has itself accelerated. Guided by neither logical objectives nor agreed-upon rationale, propelled by its own momentum, and encountering […]

Slow media in, Zombie scrolling out

The tranquil flood of information died after CNN introduced the 24-hour news cycle. But the internet brushed on a new type of disorder onto the information canvass that prevents us from thinking straight. We consumed mindlessly, eating more than we could chew. Our brains got overloaded, dulled out, memories stymied by Google and images that […]

“Musician, artist, thinker” Brian Eno talks Bitcoin, how ‘simplicity can produce complexity’, and more…

The Financial Times sat down with “musician, artist, thinker” Brian Eno in the studio of his Notting Hill home. Here are my favorite snippets from the interview: On the transactional value between art and bitcoin: It is not so different from bitcoin. Art is the ultimate cryptocurrency. What the art world is doing is engineering […]

The pointlessness of constant self-grading

Five-star ratings Gallup polls Followers and social media ‘clout’ We obsess with gauging the temperature of our present reputation. The numbers are public, ticking up or down like stock prices. The internet is the grandest stage of them all where we endeavor to present our best self. We strive to prove our self-worth, using likes and follows […]

Types of cognitive bias

The race to the bottom begins when what you think you know, you know. I am once again reminded of this Seth Godin quotes from All Marketers Are Liars: The best stories don’t teach people anything new. Instead, the best stories agree with what the audience already believes and makes the members of the audience […]

The paradox of jumping through hoops

We chase the ephemeral pixels when boring is the most interesting. We jump through hoops to please others when it is disobedience that leads to innovation. ‘Think different’ is a clarion call for doing better, assuming there‘s maintenance. We obsess with material goods when the fulfillment of life hinges on love and experience. The paradoxes […]

Maria Popova: I loathe the term “content”

Brain Pickings blogger Maria Popova sat down with WordPress in the Own Your Content series to discuss evergreen ideas and rethinking the meaning of content. Popova writes about timeless topics. “I am drawn to ideas that remain resonant across time and space, across cultures and civilizations.” If you read her blog, you know that she excels […]