What do we read next?

We suffer from the infinity of choice, to what type of books we’re interested in, all the way down to the format we want to read them in. Amazon’s recommended book algorithms allay the frustration of making decisions by taking into account your past reads and what others have read to suggest what to consume […]

One too many chips

Continuous partial attention makes it too easy to snack. Instead of waiting for the main meal, we fritter our hunger away on too many chips and salsa. We’re full before the entree. Replace chips with social media, and you start to see the excess wear and tear we put on our bodies and minds. We […]

Good Tips

People pay for curation today, not the content. The content is cheap and mostly free. Apple just have away a U2’s new album. You can already stream any track you want on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Unless you’re reading the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal, there’s no paywall preventing you from getting free […]

Discovery 101: Lean In Vs. Lean Back

When it comes to information and music I’m more lean in than lean back. Everyone is interested in these topics but most people would rather consume them from the top-down rather than playing the part of curator/influencer and actively searching for them. For example, most people prefer to listen to the radio because it takes […]

You might like this

Algorithms curb the discovery process. Amazon tries to recommend you books. Pandora examines your listening behavior to recommend music. Art.sy tries to introduce you to new art based on your preferences. Algorithmic predictions feel a bit like Google, crowdsourced information that displays results for what the masses are also looking for in the aggregate. The […]

Wisdom of the Crowds

We like eat at restaurants where’s there’s a lot of people. We tend to follow people on Twitter just because they have a significant follower base. We have a propensity to snap a picture of the same thing as everyone else. We generally click the first result on a Google results page. Our mimetic desire […]