Thinking about questions

The more absurd questions, the better. It’s as if people hold back their inquisitiveness to avoid the pedestal of ridicule. Shying away from raising your hand backlashes over time. Playing it safe merely postpones fear, submerging us into a habit of permanent hesitation that flinches instead of flourishes. The infinitely curious never left school as […]


A curious rebel

When in doubt, you can always depend on your curiosity. It is the fire starter for all important questions. But inquisitiveness is not the only fuel you need. Sometimes you need an anarchic kick. The best medicine is straight up rebellion. When conviction fights convention and curiosity whets the mind, the amalgam produces an orderly […]

Confident in your own curiosity

Filled with doubts, new ideas nevertheless take shape around secure curiosity. Instead of resisting the fear, we dance with it and set the brain roaming on possibilities. You don’t need to know how exactly things are going to play out when you’re effortfully learning. Doubt only adds fuel to churning pessimism. The smallest egos just […]

Go another click

Ask more questions, not because you want to be right but because you’re naturally curious and want to know more about the spaces inside, not the exterior of opinion. Wrote René Magritte: “Everything we see hides another thing; we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. Every thought has one that […]

Combine your disciplines 

Do you want to be the thinker or the doer, the unifier or the diversifier, the critic or the artist? There’s no shame in preferring one versus the other. Someone has to originate and birth a concept, and someone else has to test it and give it light. But what if you combined disciplines?  With a […]

Pockets of attention

Issac Asimov used to spend four hours a day writing. He wrote nearly five hundred books in his lifetime. Warren Buffet says he spends hours a day reading in his office. What does this say? There’s a time for consuming and a time for producing. Those that will thrive in the 21st century are those […]