The froth is coming off

With the right instructions, the unfamiliar becomes manageable. We follow the recipe with the hope that the convoluted reality seeps away into the froth. Yet, had we followed our instincts we may not have gotten stuck in the first place. If we don’t take Google Maps with a grain of salt, we will find ourselves […]


The burn of discontent

Everything starts and ends from the burn of discontent. We all have an inkling for something, a dormant enthusiasm, waiting to erupt so we can pour our hearts into it. But the wait is killer. Toiling in anonymity while practicing in mediocrity needs a special kind of patience. The resistance can only win at our […]

Stuck in traffic 🚦

Nowhere to go, a forced patience at the mercy of algorithmic street lights. No right on red, Big Brother proclaims. When we’re stuck at the corner, there isn’t more to do than look at the variations of our surroundings. The city never stops. Why should its people, albeit looking blankly inscrutable? PS “Diplomacy is the […]

Walden, water, and wifi

One day we’re going to miss the powerful silence of the natural world, the way it smells and begs for an inquisition. That’s because “most people are on the world, not in it,” wrote the father of national parks John Muir. In putting a “fence around nature,” we lock ourselves into a secluded wall of […]

Newsletter: ‘8 hours of what we will’

Below are this week’s interesting links and recent discoveries for your weekend reading. The London Milkman. Photographer Fred Morley staged the famous photo of a milkman walking through the destruction of London after the German blitz during the Second World War. “Morley walked around the rubble of London until he found a group of firefighters trying to put […]

Write a memoir to make sense of your life

“Why write? To write. To make something.” – Claude Simon Most people think of writing as a creative outlet. But it’s also an instrument for coping. According to recent studies, writing your own memoir has various psychological benefits. Whether for private eyes or for public viewing, writing extensively about traumatic events helps you break free from […]

Processing “reality” through the camera lens 📷

We must look at our surroundings with a keen eye otherwise every day just becomes transactional in nature. Writes Susan Sontag in [easyazon_link identifier=”0312420099″ locale=”US” tag=”wells01-20″]On Photography[/easyazon_link]: “Ultimately, having an experience becomes identical with taking a photograph of it, and participating in public event comes more and more to be equivalent to looking at it […]

Remember to frame that vacation photo

If you want to remember a vacation, you’re almost better off framing a picture rather than just posting it on your Instagram feed. According to recent research, owning a physical photo is more likely to encourage someone to share their experience with others. It turns out that digital images are terrible cues. “Back in the […]

Making precedes meaning

We can only construct with the tools at our disposal. Before cameras, artists painted pictures of the world. However, it wasn’t necessary to paint with exactitude; like writing, images were fabricated in the mind’s eye before putting color to the canvas, ink to the paper. We never know what we’ll get until we put it […]

Study of five grotesque heads, 1493

From the 16th to 18th century, Leonardo da Vinci’s grotesque sketches from the High Renaissance period in 1493 were his most emulated and celebrated works of art. Wrote art historian Kenneth Clark: ‘For three centuries they were [seen as] the most typical of his works. Today we find them disgusting, or at best wearisome.’ The beauty […]

Seeking an objective point of view

We are obsessed with the first-person because we live in a culture that emphasizes the individual. The selfie generation makes “I” the predominant jargon for almost everything we post on social media and talk about in real life. Me-ness has shrouded our ability to step outside the self and see the world objectively. It’s not all […]

Stuck in a state of perpetual refresh 🔄

The newest app, the latest iPhone — we make an excuse to spend more time with our smartphones. What can be perceived as self-absorption is also hypnosis, as the phone’s rectangular glow grips us into a ludic loop. Social networks intend to get us out of a trance and sting us into experiencing the world; […]

Avoiding the losses

Every story needs a villain that disobeys the rules. Bereft of drama we lose interest in the hero’s tale. Struggle makes us human. The will to defeat Goliath comes with an exaggerated sense of faith. We overcompensate for our vulnerabilities, and in doing so, raise the stakes of our own determination. “He who has a […]

How about them apples?

They’re always there, surrounded by the good-looking ones. But we can’t always spot them. Rotten apples wind up in our shopping cart not because we didn’t eyeball them but because we assume they’re just as fresh as the rest of them. Probability is in our favor. Grocery shopping is a picker’s chance. But it is […]