“There’s such a huge focus on social that it overshadows the actual creation of the stuff we want to share and talk about.” — David Karp In other words, produce as much as you consume Advertisements


“What regular people out there in the world do – right now, they spend a huge amount of time in front of their televisions consuming – sort of, what do you call it – ‘premium content’ – stuff produced by publishers, networks, studios. If we’re not already there today, certainly five years from now, I […]

Yahoo Now Linked With Tumblr Deal

fastcompany: Where is Yahoo turning its attention to now? AllThingsDreportsthatMarissa Mayeris eyeing Tumblrwith hopes to land some sort of deal, be it an acquisition or a percentage stake. More… Not surprising. Tumblr is a hot property for teens. Karp is still hesitant to fully monetize the platform to avoid ruining the experience.

What is Tumblr?

Even Tumblr’s founder Tumblr David Karp fumbled his answer during his Q&A at SXSW. I’m sure the more you know about Tumblr the more complex it really is. Tumblr combines the best elements of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. In fact, the user’s homescreen focuses on the primary pillars of content creation: images, video, links, […]