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If not now, when?

Why does a clarity of vision come at the end of our lives, twelve weeks before our deathbed?

Doing what you’re told is the most common regret of the dying.

“I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Death compels us to prioritize the things we care about: our true self, family and friends, a real passion, whatever we hold dear to our heart.

The real message is to avoid wasting time. To express ourselves fully, to drive ourselves of bed to get things done, turning authenticity and courage into action.

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Why we make lists


“We like lists because we don’t want to die.”

Umberto Eco

When in doubt, list it out.

Social Media

Your digital eulogy 

One of the benefits of Snapchat is that your content disappears so that nothing can be used in your digital eulogy. On the other hand, your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts are going to be around forever. And that’s how most people will remember you. 

Artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo is giving people a chance to visit their own digital funeral at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to review the type of social media posts people would see after they pass away. 

According to BuzzFeed’s senior writer Doree Shafrir who experienced her own ceremony: 

“All of my tweets started scrolling on a screen in front of me as though to say, you know, here are some words of Doree’s to remember her by – tweeting about wearing a dress to a wedding with pockets or Justin Bieber. And I thought, oh, my God, if I did die – God forbid – right now this is what people would see.”

She also notes that Facebook is the only service right now where you assign someone to manage your page after you die. 

Your legacy is wrapped up in Tweets like your life’s bumper sticker. So be wary of what you say. Conversely, you can leave no trails behind and just use Snapchat or go off the grid altogether like Cal Newport.


‘It’s not death that I fear’

“It’s not death that I fear, it’s being comfortable in a cloud where nothing ever happens.”

Flying Lotus


Life is tricky because it happens once and there’s no opportunity for A/B testing.

BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti

An Interview with Ann Wroe, Obituaries Writer for The Economist

“I don’t think of dead as dead, that’s the thing, and therefore it doesn’t trouble me. It’s an absence, if you like. It’s not the end.” She notes how “I never mention how people die, because I don’t think that’s important at all. I think an obituary is a celebration of a life.”

Death as an “absence,” not an end. Now that’s a positive spin!


Flee Toward Danger

We’re either too stupid or bold. Daredevils enjoy fear so much they don’t even need to psyche themselves out. Rock climbers, test takers, and creators though, need extra confidence, as do most people who take on risks.

Fear is a catalyst for building up audacity. The practice provides the skills and mental strength to ameliorate fear. But it’s hardly wise to flee into danger without assessing the situation first.

Life is hard. Death is harder.” – Talib Kweli, “Good Mourning

Embrace the thrill of risk. But remain cautious in letting risk precede confidence. A proper risk wrestles with experience, instinct, and doubt.

Life & Philosophy

A 90-year human life in months, years, days…

Yet another reminder that life is short and to avoid just checking off the boxes. Try to live in every moment, week, month, and year. Everybody gets the same amount of time.

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Acceptable is good enough. Acceptable is what gets you through high school and college. Acceptable gets you paid at work.

But acceptable only gets you so far in life. If you want to be remembered, you’re either going to have to do something extraordinary, make a ruckus, or make something different that lasts.

Only a select few people get to be Picasso, Steve Jobs, The Beatles, Michael Jordan, or Mark Zuckerberg. Let them be. Everyone else is just looking to leave a trail of significance in their work.

Today is your best chance to show your work and see what happens. Yes, the Internet is full of noise and you’re unlikely to be heard. Yes, your work will never show up in the top 10 Google results. Welcome to the world of trying!

The good news is that there’s still room for you to build a small tribe. Some people say you need 1,000 dedicated fans to build a reasonable business. That’s awesome! So what are you waiting for….

  • Throw out some Tweets, Instagrams, and drawings to see what resonates
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Embrace your scenius
  • Show Your Work

You want more than a nod when it’s all in said and done. You’d like people to name a few things you did. Acceptable today is therefore a means for mediocrity. It’ll get you through with little guarantee of being remembered.

Stake your claim.

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The older we get…

  • The wiser we get. Dreams fade into practicality. Why shoot for the sex when we already have the cash?
  • The more focused we get. We lean in on our expertise. Why try harder on something we suck at?
  • The more talkative we get. Expression curbs self-consciousness. At this point, why does it matter what other people think?

The older we get, the more we accept who, what, and where we are in life. Rather than change, we endeavor to get better at what we can already control. With time running out, we have no choice but to chase our best self.

Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five.  

Benjamin Franklin

There’s still a lot of good work to be done.