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Ask more questions

“Asking for a friend” usually means you’re asking a question for yourself.

We’re all just trying to figure shit out so we can move on with our lives a little less stressed.

Got an embarrassing personal issue? Confused about a work task?  It only gets worse if you hold it back and waste time googling or sending additional emails to find a solution.

Honest questions receive quicker answers.  

Asking questions projects ignorance but it’s never as bad as suffering from the unknown. Plus, your questions are never as dumb as you think. The wrong question is the one never asked.


Points and Counterpoints

“I think that…”

“I’m arguing that…”

Every statement is an argument, where you state it outright or not.  Arguments are pre-built into your expressions, evinced through your words and actions. 

You can tell a lot about someone’s perspective by merely following them on Twitter, even if they just retweet.  Arguments can also be wordless; you can also learn a lot about a person’s beliefs by following their Instagram feeds.  

Sharing is the process of exchanging arguments.   

Naturally, everyone argues, it’s just that some choose to do it more aggressively than others.  Some people prefer to argue through a canvass, allowing their art to speak for themselves.  Society ultimately determines the credibility of our content.  Right or wrong, we all need to be heard.  To do this, we all need to build a niche.