On making life’s biggest decisions

When it comes to decision-making, first you decide, then you deduce. Of course, life’s biggest decisions such as marriage or a career change are some of the hardest decisions to make because the fear is that they won’t work out. The bigger the risk, the greater the hesitation. ‘This might not work.’ People like to play […]

Decisions are either ‘irreversible or reversible’

Sometimes your work is just going to be a 5 out of 10. It’s not worth scrutinizing every performance. The only ill is in hesitating, not starting what you think you should do. Jeff Bezos has an interesting system for making decisions. He sees them as either irreversible or reversible. The simple heuristic pushed him […]

How to make up your mind and decide

Decisions are multi-faceted. They can be manifested as desires, little bets about on how you want things to go. After all, all believing is betting. However, you can also decide against your best wishes. No one wants to put a sick dog to sleep. Difficult decisions paralyze people’s judgement. “Sometimes it’s not what I want to […]

Whether Weather

Weather is fickle. Knowing what it is or going to be before you go outside both saves and ruins the day. Weather forecasts save your day when it storms because you’ll have packed an umbrella or extra rain jacket. However, weather predictions disappoint you when the day turns out dry; you just lugged around extra […]

Instinct Can Beat Analytical Thinking

Gut feelings are tools for an uncertain world. They’re not caprice. They are not a sixth sense or God’s voice. They are based on lots of experience, an unconscious form of intelligence. Experience builds more intelligence and better judgement which in turns builds better instincts. You may also like:

Imperial Overstretch

There’s a reason countries like the US, Britain, and Rome collapse from preeminence: you can’t do everything and be everything to everybody. In addition to distracting you from priorities, taking on more than you can chew slows down your reaction time. When you finally do commit, the effort is either too late or half-assed. Hegemony […]