I look for… the asymmetric solution. Even when I try to do things the way everyone else does, it never really works out. So, over the years, I’ve come to accept that I’m not supposed to follow the path that’s marked on the map. This turns out to be great for coming up with new and effective things.

Errolson Hugh of ACRONYM

Resources and happiness: Why people are happy with simplicity

Simplicity is a virtue. 

The best products are the simplest to use, look the best, and make people happy.

Minimalism is an art form all by itself.  It can be achieved with heaps of resources and scant resources.

For example, Apple has access to unlimited resources but carefully chooses the best.  Steve Jobs rediscovered Gorilla Glass, which made iPhones unscratchable so users can carry their keys and iPhone in the same pocket. 

Meanwhile, the Danish people make the best out of what they have. They’re the happiest people in the world

 “Furniture was built to last because we couldn’t afford to go and buy another piece next year, and that idea is firmly planted in the heads of our designers.  Materials are treated with respect, and there is always a good reason for why a piece looks the way it does.”

Both Apple users and Danes love their products.  They are extremely satisfied. 

In conclusion, simplicity can be achieved through a function of being resourceful and appreciating the resources you have.  It’s all about removing clutter.     

A Building’s Backyard (Taken with Instagram at 888 7th Ave)
A Building’s Backyard (Taken with Instagram at 888 7th Ave)
Business Fashion


Creation emerges from need.  Find a hole in the marketplace and fill it.  You do the work instead of waiting for others to make it for you.

That’s the story of Abe Burmeister and why he co-founded Outlier.

The Internet enables niche products to find any audience across the world.  With a direct to consumer website, an awesome product, and some marketing to build awareness, one can make it happen.

We can’t always depend on large brands to tailor products for us.

If you can’t find something, take a stab at making it yourself and building an audience on the Internet that will buy your stuff.

You don’t need salespeople, just a product designer, a website, and someone to tell the world about it and field emails and calls.

Stand still at your own frustration or come up with a solution that solves a problem for you and many others.  You just might end up building a company.

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