Dick Costolo: ‘You can’t plan the impact you’re going to have…’

“You can’t plan the impact you’re going to have.  You often won’t recognize it even while you’re having it.” – Dick Costolo

Live in the present, right now, and connect the past.  Just like Steve said.

To sum it up:

“Be bold.  Make courage choices for yourself.  Be in the Keebler Elf factory:  what are you afraid of?  Don’t always worry about what your next line is supposed to be…there’s no script.  Live your life.  Be in this moment.”

Social Media

Dick Costolo says being the ‘second screen’ is the future of Twitter

“We used to have a filtered, one-way view of events in the world from the media…now with Twitter, people want to know what everyone else thinks and we’re getting this inside-out, multi-perspective view of what’s going on right now as it happens from everybody else that’s watching the same thing we’re watching.”

Dick Costolo

Twitter is the new media.  It’s my main source of news which means it also can be completely slanted depending on whom you follow.  

On Thursday night, Liberals dominated my feed.  One man, Piers Morgan, was leading the charge.  With almost 3 million followers, one of this tweets alone can dominate a conversation.

Twitter may offer a “multi-perspective” view where we talk to each other but one-way messaging still thrives.  The same people that work in media are on Twitter so the same messages get across.  

It’s 360° bias.