Meet the shoe-billed stork

Talk about a badass beak. This shoe-billed stork lives primarily in swamps from Sudan to Zambia. The bill itself takes 1.5 months from hatching to fully develop into its slipper-like shape. But some think it’s the most frightening bird on the planet, as chicks are known to fight each other off to the death with […]

Against conventional thinking 

Do you prefer labyrinths, racetracks, or straight lines? In following others and jumping through hoops, we can assure the most predictable of lives. What if instead we danced with the uncertainty of being lost, gathering string on the way to a slow realization.  You can be the tortoise or the hare, desire speed over power.  […]

Noticing things 

It’s difficult to notice things when we’ve seen them a thousand times. So we walk the same path, use the same apps and listen to the same music, without noticing the notes in between.  We become accustomed to our habits and surroundings we do things on automatic. Everyone’s got an eye for something. The difference […]

Lost and Found

Lost in translation or lost in transition? Lost in the jungle or lost at sea? Lost identity or lost Smartphone? Lost mind or lost medication? Lost dampens the mood. But ‘lost’ is not the same as losing. Call it what you want but all lost is eventually refound. It just takes time to recover. The […]