Against conventional thinking 

Do you prefer labyrinths, racetracks, or straight lines? In following others and jumping through hoops, we can assure the most predictable of lives. What if instead we danced with the uncertainty of being lost, gathering string on the way to a slow realization.  You can be the tortoise or the hare, desire speed over power.  […]

The CD Case «

As for the CD format, I can’t imagine listening to, say, Green Day’s Dookie any other way. Dookie is to CDs what Creedence is to vinyl. It is a record resting eternally in the collective memories of aging music fans, a lost piece of data tucked inside scarcely used multidisc changers and laundry baskets full […]

Instagram’s Explore Tab: Now Tailored to You

The company has tweaked the algorithm that determines what posts appear under the app’s Explore tab — so that the tab displays photos and videos specifically suggested for each user. Previously, the Explore section only displayed posts that were popular among all Instagram users. Looking forward to a more personalized Instagram Explore tab. It’s been […]