Evolution is all chance variation and luck

Without chance variation and experimentation, evolution does not exist. It is through struggle and adaptation we evolve. “Evolution depends on the existence of high-fidelity copying but not perfect copying, since mutations (copying errors) are the ultimate source of all novelty.” — Daniel Dennett It’s the imperfections that round out the edges and sustain life. But […]

Break the Code

Your DNA runs on a floppy disk. You are who you are from the minute you’re born. That’s just the way it is. Deal with it. While your genes predetermine your physicality and mentality, the latter is more malleable. My favorite stories are those that break the rules. Someone defies the caste system; they pick […]

The Family Leach

Everyone has a famous relative. I’m related to Mark Twain, Dad says. Some people use lineage as an excuse for work already done, living through the success of somebody else. But inherited fame is a cop-out. People are responsible for their own individual success. What matters is your own work. You can take inspiration and […]