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Evolution is all chance variation and luck

Without chance variation and experimentation, evolution does not exist. It is through struggle and adaptation we evolve.

“Evolution depends on the existence of high-fidelity copying but not perfect copying, since mutations (copying errors) are the ultimate source of all novelty.”

Daniel Dennett

It’s the imperfections that round out the edges and sustain life. But most of it’s luck. 

Good fortune rewards those who not only get the longer beak but ride out the wave of their mutation in order to advance.

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Break the Code

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Your DNA runs on a floppy disk. You are who you are from the minute you’re born. That’s just the way it is. Deal with it.

While your genes predetermine your physicality and mentality, the latter is more malleable. My favorite stories are those that break the rules. Someone defies the caste system; they pick themselves instead of waiting for someone to pick them. They embrace the fear but do it anyway.

Everyone’s got tendencies; most people let their doubt win. Staying pumped up takes practice. Believe long enough and supplement it with effort and magically things start to unfold. They have to. It’s the law of momentum.

Persistence requires staying upbeat. As Muhammad Ali said: “When I win the fight,” he already predetermined the outcome. He was either going to be right or be upset but move on anyway. When they studied Ali, he apparently had none of the characteristics of being a boxer.

Prepare for the best by being at your best when your best is needed. What else is there to lose but the genes? The mind is naked. Break the code.

Dream wildly but be bluntly honest about what you need to do to get there.


The Family Leach

Everyone has a famous relative. I’m related to Mark Twain, Dad says.

Some people use lineage as an excuse for work already done, living through the success of somebody else. But inherited fame is a cop-out. People are responsible for their own individual success.

What matters is your own work. You can take inspiration and even steal ideas from others. Combine the past into the present. Do whatever it takes to get started but get started now.

Recognition just happens to people that persist and ship again and again. Be the person who recognizes success and the machine that works even harder to repeat it.

Don’t be afraid to throw your shit out there and see what sticks. The Internet is a great place to publish and get instant feedback. Fame can be a drag anyway.

Be proud of who you are and those that put the effort in before you. Learn and let live.