‘Think of drawing verbs instead of nouns’

A sure way to keep from making static, lifeless drawings is to think of drawing verbs instead of nouns. Basically, a noun names a person, place, or thing; a verb asserts, or expresses action, a state of being, or an occurrence.  I speak often of shifting mental gears and here is another place to do it. The tendency […]

Leonardo Da Vinci: Thinking with an extra wrinkle in the brain

  No artist contained an extra wrinkle in their brain as big as Leonardo Da Vinci. He was a creative genius who combined the disciplines of both art and science to make something new. Leonardo’s formula: see, contemplate, emulate, remix, and recast. His undivided mind drove his imagination which led him toward discovery and innovation. He […]

Tracing loops

‘Faceloops’ by Matthias Brown AKA Traceloops We can trace a loop with exactitude. Replication is the first step in learning a new process and developing our own style. The shift from copying to creating something original is a slow one. The objects already out there shape our understanding of how things usually work. It is the desire to […]

Scan any color in the real world with the Cronzy pen

As if the 10,000 different colors in the pantone palette app isn’t enough, how about this. Using the Cronzy pen, you can scan any color in the real world and use it to draw. Alternatively, you can choose from the 16-million unique colors in the app. Now you can color in Donald Trump in countless ways.

Get Nostalgic: It’s National Coloring Book Day

A few days ago I tweeted “No more adult coloring books.” I did not mean to disparage the inner artist, just the fad that makes $12 million in sales a year. Why do people stop making art in the first place? “Children learn through play, but adults play through art.” – Brian Eno I found […]

‘A rejected cartoon isn’t a dead cartoon’: New Yorker cartoonists explain how they come up with ideas

One way to generate good ideas is to produce a lot of bad ones first. Focus on quantity rather than quality so you have a lot to play with. New Yorker’s cartoon editor Bob Mankoff says coming up with good ideas starts with asking yourself “what if?” ‘Ideas breed ideas’..He’s always amazed by the people […]