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via Little Ripper

Lifeguards deployed a drone to save two struggling teenage swimmers stranded in rough seas off the coast of Australia.

This is apparently the first time drone technology carrying a flotation device has rescued swimmers.

While drones are commonly known for selfies (i.e. dronies), Amazon deliveries, firing missiles, and spying but they can also do some good too. The company behind the technology, Little Ripper, developed the drones to monitor sharks for coastal safety.

The drone also recorded the entire event which you can see below.



Sunday Social Roundup

  1. Twitter data shows that World Cup viewers stay silent during penalty kicks. People want to watch pivotal moments in real time but keep the phone at bay to tweet reactions.

    +#BRA vs #GER is the most tweeted sports event of all time.

  2. Millennial shoppers use apps in the store to find discounts and product selects instead of reaching out to store employees. Go to any mall in America and you’ll discover that even the employees are googling the answers.

  3. Drones are going to introduce a whole new type of creative, aerial photography. Here’s an award winning Dronestagram shot of an Eagle. What’s the first pic you’d take with a drone? Please don’t say selfie.

  4. Forget about wearables. The future is getting devices embedded into your body. Cyborgs aren’t as crazy as you think. You already carry a hard drive in your pocket 24/7.

  5. The US government wants Iraqi radicals to keep tweeting and Instagramming. Do you think they’d ever be so dumb enough to reveal their location like Geraldo Rivera did during the Iraq War?


The future is here.

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People prefer the easier option because it feels safer and it usually involves less work.

Email is an easy option that obviates the need to speak to someone directly.

In some cases, the easier route works better, is more practical, innovative and strategic. But if you want to get it done right, express an emotion, reiterate seriousness, and prevent backlash it’s always best to face the problem directly.

Why go half-ass if going all in (which is what we used to do anyway) produces a better result in the long-run?

No risk, no reward. Take traditional action (i.e. use your voice) when it’s needed most.