Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – Synergy

Photos courtesy Alix Perez and SpectraSoul

The Synergy EP is a joint release between drum n bass elites Alix Perez and SpectraSoul, featuring four tracks of a soulful, smoother side of drum n bass.

The track ‘Synergy’ rides out like a perfect liquid wave, laced with a classic Perez piano and lush vocals: “I already know you before I even met you.”

Drums ✔ Piano ✔ Vocals ✔ Vibes ✔ Dazzling stuff.

Snag the EP on Bandcamp


Goldie – I Adore You

Image courtesy the artist

The legend Goldie returns with his first album in nearly two decades, 22 years after his seminal release of Timeless. His new album The Journey Man drops this June.

Based on the early release of ‘I Adore You,’ we can expect to hear more drum n bass classic cuts but also some experimentation.

In an interview with Dazed Digital, he thanked David Bowie for some sage advice:

“David (Bowie) always said to me, ‘You’ve always got the opportunity to reinvent yourself no matter what it takes,’ and that stuck with me.”

Watch the music video for ‘I Adore You’ below:

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Richie Brains – Buss It 

Let it be known

Who is Ritchie Brains? According to Exit Music label boss and music producer dBridge, Richie Brains is a collaboration between label artists Alix Perez, Chimpo, Fixate, Fracture, Om Unit, Sam Binga and Stray.

“The idea of getting these guys together came about around 2 years ago. I’d been (and have been) releasing great music from all of them, and most have collaborated with each other individually in some form or another, but I felt that there was a common thread in their sounds that would work great as a whole. So I sent them all an email suggesting they got together.”

The resulting work is a hodgepodge of dance, drum n bass, funk, footwork, jungle, and techno vibes. The track “Buss It” is one of the standout tracks, a throwback back to early 90s Prodigy.

As for the band name, “Richie Brains just sounded like the name of a great electronic punk character to us,” said dBridge.

Snag the LP on Bandcamp

Overlook – Misty

Image via the artist

Overlook is Bournemouth drum n bass producer Jason Luxton. To describe his music is nothing less than proper jungle. Taken straight out of the LTJ Bukem playbook emerges his new track ‘Misty’ on London’s independent drum n bass label Repertoire.

You can classify this tune as ‘contemporary jungle & drum and bass.’ It also appears as one of Boomkat’s tracks of the year.

Oh, and don’t overlook the dark and hard-stepping ‘Motif.’

Phil Tangent – Drawing You

Image courtesy the artist

Phil Tangent is a UK drum n b artist who’s early work got the attention of Soul:R’s label head/producer Marcus Intalex.

His latest EP Drawing You sees the continuation of deep, exploratory liquid rollers. 

Drum n bass is an outlet of combinatorial creativity for Tangent, who sees the elasticity of the genre as a melting pot of his childhood experiences listening to reggae/dub and LTJ Bukem mixtapes. Not bad influences at all. 

Calibre – Iron Balls


Calibre AKA Dominick Martin

If you listen to drum n bass, particularly the liquid kind, then for sure you’ve come across the work of the legendary Belfast-native Calibre. If you need a refresher, here’s a 50-track tribute mix.

If you’re looking for some fresh Calibre sounds, you’re in luck. He just dropped the track ‘Iron Balls’ from a forthcoming two-track EP along with a hilarious promo teaser for your viewing after the jump.

Pre-order the EP on Signature Recordings

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Alix Perez – Had I Known

alix perez 1985 music
Alix Perez AKA Alix Depauw

Alix Perez is considered one of drum & bass’s best producers. He gained recognition for the classic “Solitary Native” collaboration with Sabre in 2006, before getting signed to Shogun Audio to release his first record 1984 in 2009. Listen to the gorgeous cut ‘Forsaken’ with Peven Everett and Spectrasoul.

Now he’s back with his newest release, the Elephant Dreams EP, this time on his own 1985 imprint. In an interview with i-D, he said that the record represents the synthesis of his experiments with “the softer side of music and also the heavier, dark side of things.” My favorite track ‘Had I Known’ above is one of the warmer cuts on the EP but his tracks “Room 667’ and ‘Elephant Dreams’ are crude, dark bass delights.

Download the Elephant Dreams EP